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by Nancy Krygowski,
University of Pittsburgh Press,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 2007,
80 pages, paper, $14.00,
ISBN: 978-0-8229-5977-9

Winner of the 2006 Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize

Krygowski's poems--often sad, sometimes humorous, always generous--are lovingly grounded in the ordinary. They are thinking poems--tightly crafted, accessible inquiries more interested in exploring stark and complicated knowledge than in proclaiming it.

"These are courageous poems. The music, the language, which I love, is based on a terrific sense of things, and I don't know if it is the music or the knowledge which I most admire. This is a wide-eyed, assertive, wild, well-read, street-smart, edgy, loving, suffering, heaven-crazed poet. It's a joy to find her." - Gerald Stern

"Deceptively plainspoken, Nancy Krygowski arrives as one of the most high-spirited, uncompromising, and compelling voices we've heard in a long time. In poems that range across all subjects - from Vaseline to galaxies, new panties to doom - this poet's sensibility gives music to it all. Velocity is all the things its title suggests - fast and forceful - but you will return to these poems again and again for the surprising, careful things they have to say about this world and ourselves in it." - Laura Kasischke

"Poignant may be too clean a word for the fierce grace and honesty of Nancy Krygowski's Velocity. In elegies and meditations on the textures of loss, love and daily-hood, she writes poems of unpretentious risk and mystery. A line like: 'See I'm alive. Tell me I'm alive.' reflects her gift for balancing question and assertion; wonder and recognition in the same lyrical breath. This is a debut of uncommon maturity and depth"--Terrance Hayes

Copyright © 2008 Nancy Krygowski

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